Intelligent Software for Medical Imaging Workflow and Professional Services

For Radiologists by Radiologists

We have full-time or part-time options for our radiologists. We provide a turnkey workstation built to improve efficiency and clinical excellence, along with training and support.

Avoid burnout
Enjoy your career
No buy-in, no buy-out

For Medical Imaging Organizations

We provide radiologist coverage for radiology groups, hospitals and imaging centers using a single platform for RIS, PACS, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Archive and Reporting.

Learn how Synthesis Health provides you with one platform for your radiology technology and physician service’s needs.

Stabilize coverage and build a long-term partnership for onsite diagnostic and interventional radiology, supported by 24/7/365 teleradiology coverage
Optimize your radiologist operations
Empower your team with intelligent, AI-enabled solutions
Join the Synthesis Health Radiology Network

Women’s & Children’s Physician Services

We provide physician coverage for hospitals and health systems in need of OB Gyn Hospitalist, Neonatology, and/or Maternal Fetal Medicine support.

Learn how Synthesis Health provides you with one solution for all your W&C care continuum needs.

Build OB Gyn Hospitalist program to alleviate the coverage burden on local OBs
Provide customized staffing models for our partners, from 24/7/365 to Nights/Weekends/Holidays coverage
Improve patient quality outcomes and delivery safety for high-risk mothers

Our Team

Dr. Aldo Ruffolo
President and Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Deepak Kaura
Chief Medical Officer, Chief Product Officer
Tyler Nelson
Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer
Jesse Wakley
Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Murray A. Reicher
Chief Innovation Officer
Amy Gilchrist
General Counsel

Our Vision

Our mission is to create technology and attract the best people to provide services that improve patient outcomes and enhance the clinician’s experience.

Synthesis Health aims to Improve medical imaging and laboratory medicine by providing AI-enabled, comprehensive cloud informatics, ambulatory imaging facilities, physician services, and support.

Invest in Synthesis Health

We address the worldwide shortage of radiologists by providing intelligent workflow software aimed at improving reader efficiency and report quality.

We partner with hospitals, imaging centers, and medical groups.Our management team has a depth of experience in developing innovative medical imaging technology and in developing/managing radiology practices.

We create lasting businesses with excellent returns to investors.

The Synthesis Health Professional Services staffing model of hiring physicians, supporting them, and focusing on the technology that makes them better is distinct from companies that bring technology as an afterthought.
Our interface technology is highly robust and configurable. It enables us to function with a single playbook of imaging exam types, report templates and tech forms to provide a measurable and reproducible service for our customers.
We control all the technology upon which our value chain is based: connectivity, normalization, worklist management, workflow assignment, reporting, speech organization, speech recognition, viewing, AI, and image archive.
Our cloud-native solution enables us to set up a reader in minutes and to rapidly release new innovations.

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