Welcome to Synthesis Health

Synthesis Health Inc. provides an Intelligent Radiology Platform for hospitals, imaging centers, and radiology medical groups.  Our platform strives to make radiologists faster, happier, and more accurate, thereby enhancing their service to referring doctors and patients.  We provide a complete suite of workflow, reading, and reporting solutions on a highly interoperable platform designed to present current and future AI solutions from third parties and ourselves.

Who Needs Synthesis Health?
1. Hospitals and imaging centers seeking a simple, easily implemented solution to solving a radiologist staffing problem by making their existing staff faster and happier. We are an immediate overlay to your RIS/PACS that can scale to replace your expensive, complex imaging IT infrastructure.
2. Radiology Medical Groups and Teleradiology Companies that want the next generation of reading, routing, and reporting technology.
3. PACS and EMR vendors that want a fast, comprehensive clinical reporting solution plug-in that includes speech recognition, speech organization, and automated impression generation.

How we serve you...

Synthesis Health Inc. was founded in January 2022 to provide the next generation of imaging workflow technology, artificial intelligence, and professional imaging services. Our technology provides an intelligent reading and reporting platform bolstered by modules designed for interconnectivity, messaging, quality assurance, cybersecurity, data normalization, transmission, and storage. All data is encrypted in transit and in storage and partitioned per facility with highly advanced access controls.

We also provide services that include technical support services and select clinical support services.

Our activities are all designed to enhance the success of our partners.