Our Vision

Our dream is to touch a billion lives by building technology that scales human intelligence.


Our Mission

To provide intelligent software and services that benefit imaging healthcare professionals and those they serve.


Our Values

Be honest.

Face problems directly and openly. Voice dissent freely. Abandon ideas that seem great but don’t work. Admit mistakes. Don’t withhold information. Keep ideas and concerns flowing in all directions. Build no kingdoms. Retribution for honest differences in opinion will not exist here. Admit limitations without shame. Be loyal. Do what’s right.


Be creative.

Challenge everything we do. Approach problems without preconceived restrictions on possible solutions. Try new things. Fail without embarrassment. Daydream, then do it. Discuss wild ideas with co-workers.


Be industrious.

Work hard. Grind. Think pro-actively. Anticipate problems and future needs. Do whatever needs to be done without worrying about your position or job description. Enjoy learning new skills.


Be nice.

Cherish your working relationships. Make friends with co-workers, customers, and vendors. Help each other. Identify jealousy within yourself and deal with it. Discuss problems and frustrations early on. Don’t intimidate. Be selfless.


Be a team player.

When the team wins, everybody wins. Don’t care too much about who gets the credit. Assist. Ask how you can help. Take pride in the company’s success.