The unbounded potential of technology meets the irreplaceable insights of human experience to deliver superior patient care around the world.

Synthesis is a world-class group of health care experts, machine learning scientists, and software developers from around the world, dedicated to empowering frontline care workers with scalable intelligence.

Technology has the power to transform Healthโ€”thatโ€™s why weโ€™re creating a future where AI can inform the irreplicable insights of human experience and empathy, delivering superior patient care around the world.

Our team has built and is implementing the next generation of AI-enabled software to power efficient, quality-focused clinical diagnostic operations in radiology and laboratory medicine. The software and standardized operating system is for use across our own existing clinical businesses, clinics we build or purchase, and third party health systems around the world.

We know that providing quality care with limited resources is often one of the most important challenges a clinician faces. By integrating cutting-edge technology, continuously evolving anonymized data, and rigorous science in healthcare, we are already establishing a new standard on how diagnostics and treatment are performed worldwide, opening up high-quality care to everyone, everywhere.

Our clinics, telemedicine practice, and technology development are fully integrated, leveraging the clinical experience and data generated by our own platform to develop the next generation of software. This end-to-end ecosystem means we simultaneously improve margins, expand access, and raise the quality of patient care across our operations.