Administrative Functions - The Human Factor


While the Synthesis Health technology suite of services brings significant advancements and efficiencies to Practice Management, the human factor, and the personal touch are still crucial for ensuring quality patient care and maintaining strong relationships.

The role of Practice Management teams extends beyond administrative tasks and includes building patient-provider relationships, enhancing patient experience, and addressing individual needs.

Human Resources

The SHPS team can provide a range of services including:

    1. Recruiting
    2. Contracting
    3. Benefit management
    4. Training and development
    5. Employee relations
    6. Performance management and KPI development


Physician Services and Management

While technology can streamline processes and provide efficiencies, it cannot replace the human touch and the importance of the patient-provider relationship.

While integrating the Synth.OS integrate radiology platform and the Synth.AI software contribute substantially to patient care improvements, practice management provides the hands-on support and enhances the human factor.

Credentialing, Licensing and Privileging (CLP)

The SHPS CLP team administers the following activities:

    1. Credentialing – acquiring and documenting the professional activities of providers.
    2. Licensing – licensing with the appropriate states or provinces.
    3. Privileging – work with hospitals and other entities to ensure the privileging process is completed as quickly as possible.


Hospital and Other Administration Relationships

Leveraging Synthesis Health technology to automate some administrative tasks, frees up Practice Management teams and creates time to focus on personalized interactions, foster relationships, and ensure that all key stake holders are served.