Synthesis is meeting the ever-increasing demand for outpatient services through our own diagnostic clinics and teleradiology practices, as well as comprehensive onsite physician services.

Synthesis owns and operates leading diagnostic imaging clinics, laboratory clinics and teleradiology practices that utilize our own technology to optimize operations and provide superior quality patient care. We offer onsite diagnostic and interventional radiology services with dedicated operations support that leverages sub-specialty trained radiologists.

We are positioned to acquire and build outpatient centers using a capital-efficient model through partnerships with OEM operators. The need for outpatient diagnostic centers is increasing, so we provide a turnkey solution that allows hospital systems to develop their outpatient strategy. Through partnerships and joint ventures with Synthesis, hospital systems can capture upstream service revenue and maintain patient referral networks while avoiding leakage to other health systems.

Physician Services

Synthesis Health provides a wide range of radiology services to ensure you have everything you need to get your radiology operations running smoothly. By leveraging fast, intuitive technology, our experienced diagnostic and interventional radiology specialists eliminate workflow inefficiencies and provide reliable, around-the-clock care.

Clinics & Imaging Centers

Synthesis operates world-class radiology and laboratory clinics that use best-in-class technologies and diagnostic hardware to provide accurate results and outstanding patient experiences. Through joint ventures and partnerships with Synthesis, health systems can take advantage of our capital-efficient model and meet the growing demand for outpatient services.