Synthesis is building a revolutionary diagnostic care ecosystem by combining all aspects of the clinical process from patient acquisition to diagnostic support and reporting to create an environment where technology and innovation are the driving force for quality, efficiency, and access.

Our vertically integrated technology stack and growing network of clinics allow us to continuously leverage our own internally generated, longitudinal data and the expertise of our world-class medical professionals, scientists, and operators to improve clinical efficiency and develop ground-breaking AI and workflow solutions.

We’re creating an innovation flywheel where the insights generated from our expanding internal operations and external service offerings are fed back into our AI development and integration, meaning we’re always learning, always evolving, and always improving quality and efficiency across our entire platform.

Dynamic, intelligent software that continuously improves through ever-better data usage.

Coined by Andrej Karpathy, Software 2.0 is a transformative approach to software development that solves complex, real-world problems—rather than using a strict set of rules, the software is trained using accurately labeled datasets generated in our clinical environment. When an algorithm is introduced to new data, its performance is tuned until it operates exactly as intended.

Synthesis is assembling data-as-an-asset, creating a ground-up approach to internal data management that enables us to generate high-quality datasets that offer a foundation to develop, validate, and improve our high-value AI support tools.