About Synthesis Health

Synthesis Health was formed in 2021 through the confluence of three (3) key entities sharing a common vision to transform medical imaging by building and deploying machine learning technologies into healthcare.

Many companies build machine learning tools, but very few are capable of deploying seamlessly into workflow.  So, we formed Synthesis, a vertically integrated company that supports clinical services matched with the technology to truly change the model of care, by:

  1. enhancing accessibility (radiologists can report anywhere, anytime on any chrome enabled computer)
  2. integrating various forms of artificial intelligence (pixel based AI, optimization algorithms, speech recognition and a host of others)
  3. dramatically changing radiologist efficiency, whilst making it fun to work!

Each entity addresses a different component of the imaging value chain:

  • Creating the AI
  • Controlling the entire reading and reporting workflow
  • Easily integrating to many IT systems
  • Providing a malleable micro-services driven, cloud-native, scalable and secure platform

As a unified organization, with full control and ownership of the technology, Synthesis Health is able to drive unprecedented improvements to the quality and efficiency of care.

Cloud Native

(formed 2018)

Synthesis acquired IDGITAL, which was formed by leaders in the radiology and technology spaces with the purpose of driving innovation in clinical technology. Their offerings are designed to replace existing patient management systems (PACS/RIS) while improving patient outcomes and lowering costs.

Synthesis has taken that core and now created a SaaS Digital platform for medical imaging. 

Pureform Radiology

(formed 2008)

Pureform Radiology is a leading provider of community-based diagnostic imaging services in Alberta, Canada. The company leverages best-in-class medical technologies and diagnostic hardware across its clinics with a focus on delivering the most accurate results and providing the best experience for its patients.

1QBit Health Care

 (1QBit formed in 2012; 1QBit Healthcare formed in 2018)

1QBit Healthcare was formed as a multidisciplinary team by 1QBit, a Canadian computer technology company that applies decades of cumulative experience in data science, machine learning, and optimization to the clinical diagnostic space.