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The pace of change in healthcare and artificial intelligence (AI) is nothing short of remarkable. The fusion of healthcare next-generation IT and AI is driving the industry forward at an unprecedented pace, opening up possibilities we could only dream of a few years ago.

With each passing day, new technologies and patient care breakthroughs are reshaping the landscape of medicine and transforming patient care.

Join us as we discuss changes and new developments at Synthesis Health and in the fields of patient care, imaging technology, and AI.

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Synthesis Health Supports Healthcare Growth in Canadian First Nations Communities

Pureform Radiology, a leading Synthesis Health imaging partner, is on the frontline of helping the the First Nations communities in Canada. Pureform receives images from newly acquired portable imaging  equipment and interprets the studies using Synthesis Health technology that drives the teleradiology platform they use.


How Artificial Intelligence is at the Core of Development at Synthesis Health

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not something Synthesis Health, Inc (SHI) defines within the narrow spectrum of image review. True AI in the field of radiology considers all of its potential applications including image review, decision-making, speech recognition, and, report generation.

In a recent article, The Steep Road to Artificial Intelligence–mediated Radiology, the authors describe the current landscape and development barriers for AI.


Radiology Myopia

The conclusion that the leadership of a radiology group is the direct cause for a failing practice and strained relationships is typically not well received. It is easier for the leadership to place the responsibility for a failing radiologist provided imaging services strategy on clinicians, the administration, the changing markets, changes in health care, governmental changes, radiologist availability or changes in reimbursement. However, placing the blame on these external factors forms the root cause of the primary failure. Synthesis Health Physician Services keeps its focus on the solid, foundational principles of delivering measurable quality and improved patient care.