Focusing on the Future

The pressure for faster, better, more affordable healthcare services motivates us to provide technology and services that help physicians work more intelligently, focus more sharply, and communicate more clearly. Β 

What we do

We strive to invent technology that aggregates information for physicians, presents data in the most efficient manner, and provides intelligent human and computer support, together allowing physicians to focus on clinical decision making and patient care.Β 

AI in Clinical Practice

We envision a future in which most imaging healthcare professionals will be assisted by thoughtfully implemented machine learning technologies.Β  Synthesis has created, “A trusted Co-pilot for Clinicians (TM)” in order to prepare for the increasing use of AI in the delivery of care.

We continue toΒ  build technology that will herald in this evolution of Imaging in the continuum of care.

Our teams are prepared to help you and your practice move into this new future. Contact us to learn more about moving to the cloud without having to replace your existing IT infrastructure.

Who Else Can Benefit from Synthesis Health Technology Platforms today and in the Future?

Many other specialties and clinicians in other fields who rely on imaging for patient care, are currently doing imaging and imaging guided procedures that can benefit from the Synthesis Health suite of tools. The areas include:

  1. Urologists, urology clinics and their facilities.
  2. Orthopedists, orthopedic clinics and their facilities.
  3. Neurologists,Β  neurosurgeons and their facilities.
  4. Urgent care centers.
  5. Surgical centers.

Synthesis Health developed technology is developed for and easily adapted to provide the support needed to realize all the opportunities of a free-standing, specialty imaging center.

Watch Us, or Better, Partner with Us as We Create the Future!