Some technology partners and customers

Synthesis Health is working with many leading enterprises to build, integrate and deploy our solutions.


“Thanks to you and all your team members for meeting the challenge with the necessary sense of urgency this collaboration required.

I likened this ask to trying to land a 747 on a 100 foot runway, which required innovative leaders supported by a team of talented staff who shared the motivation to get things done. The short timeline dictated a bit of a fire-drill, and I am extremely appreciative of the Herculean efforts that everyone gave to make this a reality today.

I am quite confident that this will be a model moving forward for not only our community but for others, to have the redundancy, reliability, and sustainability of a multichannel solution.

Congratulations on what you all have built to create a formidable alternative to the current market, something that I suspect will catch the attention of many radiologists as it already has here in our corridor.”