Synthesis Intelligent Radiology Platform:

Imaging and clinical practice management plays a vital role in optimizing efficiency and effectiveness of our services.  We deploy Synthesis Intelligent Radiology Platform as a core component.  It allows for streamlined connectivity, optimized radiologist efficiency, deployment of AI into many parts of the workflow, and seamless performance management.

The Synthesis Health practice management team provides the key to unlocking the numerous benefits available to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your healthcare operations. The practice management team will be central to implementing the Synthesis Health suite of technology and clinical services. We do this by involving key stakeholders in your organization to ensure a successful implementation and maximize the benefits of next-generation technology in your practice or hospital.

When implementing our services, the Synthesis Health practice management team understands and considers factors such as data security, regulatory compliance (e.g., HIPAA), training and user adoption, and scalability. With the Synthesis Health technology solutions, we control all these functions in order to provide a smooth and seamless integration from your system to ours, and then to the other critical areas of connectivity that run your practice or hospital. 

Synthesis Health Technology