Professional Services are provided by SHPS

We work collaboratively with radiology groups, hospitals, and imaging centers to solve the radiologist staffing crisis.

The only logical solution is to improve the efficiency of radiologists.  Radiologists depend on an intelligent, thoughtfully created reading and reporting platform as well as friendly, effective support services.

We quickly and efficiently connect to your existing health information systems so that images and clinical information is provided to onsite and offsite readers.

Reports are returned to your EMR for distribution to your clinicians and patients.

SHPS also works collaboratively to administer credentialing, licensing, and peer review.

Technology Integration and Site Management

The technology being developed at Synthesis Health, together with our business development and practice management teams, is on the frontier of revolutionizing practice management by offering innovative solutions to longstanding challenges.

Physician Services

Synthesis Health is looking for partners who share a common vision of providing superior quality care through the use of advanced technology.

Each partner brings a different view of the patient value chain. Yet, as partners, we collectively see the value of being a part of a unified organization able to drive unprecedented improvements to the quality and efficiency of care.


Administrative Functions - the Human Factor

Synthesis provides effective, attentive and efficient client support.

We recognize that the “personal touch” is still crucial for ensuring quality patient care and maintaining strong relationships. The role of our practice management teams extends beyond administrative tasks and includes building patient-provider relationships, enhancing patient experience, and addressing individual needs.