Synth.FLOW is a streamlined DICOM and HL7 orchestrator that enablesΒ  rapid integration of innovative the Synthesis Health software and workflow tools into existing infrastructure.

Synth.FLOW provides seamless communication between individual systems to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Rapid Integration

Connect your existing infrastructure in hours, not weeks. Customized gateway-based connectivity ensures rapid deployment.

Continuous pre-emptive monitoring

Synth.FLOW can be managed centrally using an intelligent dashboard that gives administrators granular control over the operations of the gateways and the interface system.

Eliminate Workflow Inefficiencies

Take advantage of optimized data flow between different modalities, workstations, EMR/RIS, and PACS servers. This fully connected system reduces data input redundancies and ensures that patient information is always accessible.

IT and Practice Management Teams Work Directly with Key Stakeholders

It is important to note that our IT and Practice Management teams work with key stake holders to understand the specific implementation and integration requirements that frequently vary depending on the systems and workflows involved in a particular radiology department or healthcare organization.