A comprehensive Operating System for medical imaging that operates entirely within a web browser…thats right…

Nothing to download…

Launch Chrome and start reporting…

From anywhere, at anytime.

And that includes:

    1. Unified worklist
    2. Viewing
    3. Reporting (including speech recognition and Speech Organization©)
    4. Plus all the AI tools

Full-Featured Cloud Informatics Solution

Leverage integrated support tools such as advanced speech recognition and automated scheduling to streamline the execution of tasks. Clinicians can rapidly retrieve information, transcribe reports quickly, and automate repetitive tasks while remaining focused on the patient.

Clinical Application of Artificial Intelligence

Seamlessly integrate AI-enabled software across every stage of the patient journey. Clinicians and clinic operators can rapidly deploy rigorously vetted, cutting edge algorithms to improve quality assurance, efficiency, and accuracy.

Zero-Footprint Distributed Workflows

Experience extensible workflows that support multiple viewing monitors, hanging protocols, 3D reconstruction, and other advanced tools demanded by healthcare professionals without the need for VPNs or complex installs. Access your workflows anytime, anywhere.

Intelligent Workflow Management

Assign exams to pre-processing personnel prior to reading by physicians, thus eliminating many of the rote processes otherwise required.

Enable work assignment based on a reader’s preferences, allowing physicians to preferentially work within their subspecialty.

Translate orders and exams from different institutions into a single, standardized exam list of exam types associated with report templates and technologist forms.  We call this the Synthesis Playbook™.

Support pre-caching of medical images that automatically selects comparison exams based on body region matching.

Provide a unified worklist (no requirement to switch between databases to complete a work shift).