Synth.PM is an all-in-one Practice Management suite explicitly designed to streamline and automate radiology business operations. This powerful tool effectively supplements the functions that current systems can’t cover, fostering a pathway for seamless, rapid scaling.


Credentialing, Licensing, and Privileging (CLP)

Synth.PM consolidates the management of all credentialing, licensing, and privileging for radiologists into a singular, intuitive platform.

Synth.PM also features an AI-powered decision-making mechanism that recommends the most efficient strategies for CLP processes, taking into account real-time data for improved operational efficiency.

Smart Scheduling

Synth.PM manages the schedules of Radiologists, Scribes, Transcriptionists, RadSupport, and IT seamlessly. Our intelligent scheduling module communicates with all system aspects to ensure fluid operations and optimal resource allocation.

Volume vs. Capacity Management

Synth.PM leverages dynamic volume versus capacity input and assessments, ensuring ideal resource deployment.

Integrated Quality Assurance

Synth.PM integrates with Synth.QA to provide the highest level of care to patients.

Revenue Cycle Audit

Synth.PM comes equipped with advanced revenue cycle audit software capabilities, enabling seamless and accurate financial management.

Integrated Ticketing System

Resolve IT and operational issues swiftly with our built-in ticketing system.

Automated Integration of Examination Codes

Synth.PM automates the process of integrating your facility examination list with our our examination list templates.

This enables us to rapidly integrate with a wide variety of systems and deploy our software solutions in days, not weeks.

Synth.PM: A Key Tool for Our Practice Management Team

Finally, Synth.PM enables our practice management team to streamline and automate radiology business operations rapidly and efficiently with the least disruption to onsite operations.