Synthesis Intelligent Radiology Platform


The Synthesis Intelligent Radiology Platform is a cloud-native system for medical imaging.  It provides an intelligent reading and reporting platform, bolstered by modules designed for interconnectivity, messaging, quality assurance, cybersecurity, data normalization, transmission, and storage.

It is being introduced as an overlay to existing systems to specifically achieve greater physician efficiency and is evolving into a complete AI-enabled cloud PACS and reporting solution.

The platform is designed to connect to other healthcare information systems easily and systematically, such as PACS, VNAs, EMRs, and RIS and includes a unified worklist, reading assignment, comprehensive reporting, diagnostic viewing, artificial intelligence, messaging, interoperability technology, productivity tracking, and output to billing systems.

All data is encrypted in transit and in storage and partitioned per facility with highly advanced access controls

Key benefits include:

  1. Low costs
  2. Enhanced scalability
  3. High performance
  4. Modern cybersecurity
  5. Intelligently organized data.




Our full-service, cloud-based medical imaging operating system and management platform enables intelligent, zero-footprint-distributed radiology and pathology workflows that aim to improve quality, efficiency, and clinician experience.



Synthesis Health is developing AI-enabled tools, which are specifically targeted at improving physician efficiency.

Integration points are available throughout the platform, including DICOM pre-processing, routing, technologist worksheets, triage, image viewing, radiologist reporting and in a number of other areas.



Synth.PM is an all-in-one Practice Management suite explicitly designed to streamline and automate radiology business operations. Synth.PM optimizes back-office operations in one interface.

Synth.PM includes an app-based radiologist scheduler to better review and manage radiologist schedules, technologist scheduling, patient scheduling, credentialing, licensing and privileging, facilities management, and real-time analytics.

Synth.PM also features an AI-powered decision-making mechanism that recommends the most efficient strategies for CLP processes, taking into account real-time data for improved operational efficiency.


Synth.QA is a patient care-driven Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement (QA/QI) program that puts patient care first. Synth.QA is provided by SHPS and delivers independent, fact-based, prevention, and proactive information that radiologists and the organization can use.

Using this information, SHPS teams work in concert with QA/QI and PI projects internally, with our partners and the hospitals we serve to improve healthcare through excellence in imaging. It is a patient care-driven Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement (QA/QI) program that puts patient care first.


Synth.FLOW facilitates standards-compliant interoperability and integration between different healthcare applications and systems. Synth.FLOW plays a crucial role in connecting various systems, integrating imaging and other data with the broader healthcare enterprise.